Body Inner Beauty Powder Vanilla - 500g

Body Inner Beauty Powder Vanilla - 500g

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"To help nourish and balance your body from the inside-out”

Packed with bio-available plant proteins, super fruits and vegetables, alkalising greens, spices, probiotics and green tea, The Beauty Chef BODY Inner Beauty Powder is a revolutionary super-food wellness supplement designed to nourish your body from the inside out and help promote a healthy weight range in conjunction with a balanced diet and exercise program.


An all-natural, vegan, 95 per cent Certified Organic formula, BODY is designed to help boost your daily protein and nutrient intake, while helping to kick start your metabolism, curb sugar cravings and nourish your body so that it can perform at its best.


Developed by The Beauty Chef herself, Carla Oates, BODY tastes like vanilla (made with organic vanilla bean) and boasts three premium sources of clean plant protein from easily digested fermented brown rice, organic peas and organic chia seeds, naturally completing the amino acid profile. In addition, a mix of potent nutrients from 25 organic, fermented wholefoods including health-boosting alkalising greens and nutrient dense fruits are blended with antioxidant rich spices to provide a good source of fibre, 100 per cent of your recommended daily intake of vitamins C and K, 50 per cent of your recommended daily intake of vitamin D and a natural source of vitamins B2, B3 and B6.


In addition to fermented fruits, vegetables and spices, BODY also contains a power-hit of prebiotics and probiotics to bring the body into balance, while a unique green tea extract helps to support the body's metabolism.


“There is literally no other powder in the world quite like our BODY Inner Beauty Powder, which I've designed to be a protein powder, a greens powder, super food powder and prebiotic and probiotic rolled into one,” said Carla.


“The BODY formula is then super charged thanks to The Beauty Chef's unique Flora Culture™ Bio-Fermentation process, which bio-activates and magnifies the nutritional value of the ingredients while making them more available for the body.”


“Mixed with almond, coconut or cashew milk, it is the perfect snack or meal supplement that balances your appetite and gives you a clean, nutrient-rich energy boost.”


Containing no synthetic amino acids, artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives, nor lactose, soy or dairy, each tub of BODY contains 25 servings and can be mixed with water, your favourite nut or dairy milk, into porridge, muesli, yoghurt or a smoothie.