Glycolic Renew

Glycolic Renew

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Glycolic Renew 120ml

This powerful, oil-free cleanser acts also as an exfoliator. Formulated with Glycolic Acid to slough off dead skin cells. Also with Salicylic Acid for deep cleansing.



Normal and oily Skin and is safe for sensitive skin.



Massage into face and neck avoiding eye area. May also use on congested areas on the back and chest. Allow to stimulate for one minute. Rinse with warm water. Slight tingling may occur. Use morning and night.



Is oil free. Serves as a two-in-one product. Cleansing and gentle exfoliating.



De-congests clogged and problematic skin resulting in a more even tone and texture.


Key Ingredients:

GLYCOLIC ACID: Derived from sugar cane and un ripe grapes. It weakens the bond that holds the dead skin together. Revealing the new skin underneath.


LACTIC ACID: Has intense hydrating properties, helps with photo-aging and sun damaged skin. Is antibacterial and stimulates collagen.


CAMPHOR: Stimulates circulation disinfects and is a decongestant.


Best Results:

For acne skin follow with salycilic exfoliator.