Super Antioxidant - Oily Skin

Super Antioxidant - Oily Skin

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Super Antioxidant - Oily Skin - 50ml


Super Anti-oxidant for oily skin maintains a healthy oil level through out the day. Protecting the skin while minimizing excess oil flow. It's also ant-aging.


Suits :

Oily/Combination-Oily Skin. 



Apply to cleansed face and neck morning and evening in an upward movement.



Anti-aging and repairing properties to improve the cellular level and over all appearance of the skin.



Oily, stressed and damaged skin for a more youthful, supple and balanced skin.


Key Ingredients:

DMAE: Helps protect the cell membrane.


ALPHA LIPOIC ACID:  A Potent antioxidant with the ability to stop or slow down free radical destruction that destroys collagen, thereby protecting the skin.


Cu-COMPLEX: Copper complex to feed the skin.


CoQ10: A vitamin like substance found naturally in cells within the human body.


L-CARITINE: Anti-oxidant that works against free radicals.


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